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The Clients’ View: ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’, was the theme and question put to wealth sector delegates at Compeer’s conference at Fishmongers’ Hall, London.  One of the speakers, Multrees’ Client Solutions Manager, Farzana Khalil, looked at some of the drivers that encourage clients to join wealth managers and what determines whether they stay.

Farzana explored the topic of service, the third most important factor that clients consider when choosing a wealth manager, according to Compeer research. Her presentation examined various aspects of excellent client service and how it must form part of an overall business strategy to be delivered successfully.

Drawing on her previous experience of working for a wealth manager, Farzana said client service was valued so highly within the firm, that all new client facing staff attended a training session on etiquette.  However, despite wealth managers as a whole professing that client service is important to them, research found only 17% gave ownership of client service to the front office, where the day to day interaction takes place.

“It’s increasingly difficult for wealth managers to focus on improving client service, when they also need to deal with mounting regulation and changing client demographics, “ she said. “But by focusing on improving their overall operating model and investing in future proofed technology, wealth managers are able to free up resource to offer a bespoke client service.”

The event held on 29 November, also heard from Professor Dr Philip Klaus on improving profitably, as well as the economist Roger Bootle and The Evening Standard’s Anthony Hilton who shared some contrasting views on Brexit.

Multrees was delighted to be part of Owen James’ conference, A Meeting of Minds, at the Lanesborough Hotel in London in November. At our sponsored roundtable session co-hosted by Farzana Khalil, Client Solutions Manager and Andrew Waldren, COO at one of our Client firms, wealth managers discussed some of the significant developments and key trends in the industry.

Our topic ‘Perspectives from an Investment Manager and an Outsourcing Partner - What does your perfect partner look like (or why do you even need one?)’ generated discussions on how wealth management institutions are becoming increasingly client-orientated at a time of enormous change. This view is supported by a recent Deloitte survey which found 79% of respondents now focus on client relationships rather than on executing back office processes in-house.

Farzana commented; “Wealth managers are rightly concentrating on improving the client experience and want to move away from getting bogged down in the execution of operations.” This led to a lively debate about control and if clients would have less or more of it by working with a partner firm.

Delegates talked about the added complexity that was emerging in the industry alongside regulatory change, ‘forcing’ firms to look and act the same to such a degree it makes it difficult for wealth managers to differentiate their proposition.

Multrees’ response is that if firms understand their target business model, their service provider can be an extension of their back office, which allows them to be ahead of the curve in meeting client needs. 

Andrew Waldren gave a candid appraisal of partnering with an outsourcer and emphasised the importance of building a relationship that acts more like an extended team, rather than a separate function. “Cultural fit is vital”, he says. “There has to be good dialogue, an understanding of our clients, our business model and a willingness to make it work through the ups and downs. That’s when you see the real value of an outsourcing partner.”

We were pleased to be a research partner for this Compeer event at Fishmongers’ Hall. Farzana Khalil, our Client Solutions Manager, responded to the Compeer research findings, which showed that 62% of wealth management firms believe outsourcing can improve the client experience.

Farzana’s presentation focused on how there should not be a ‘one size fits all’ outsourcing model for the industry due to the diversity of wealth managers and business strategies. She demonstrated the importance of examining business priorities and one’s value chain, enabling a strategic approach to outsourcing to be taken. Farzana also looked at the benefits of modular outsourcing, which is quite common in other industries and allows for greater flexibility. 

We were pleased to be shortlisted alongside Digital Keystone for the Best Use of Platform Technology in the Schroders UK Platform Awards.

This was the tenth birthday of the event, which celebrates excellence and achievement in platform technology. The awards ceremony took place on 26 September 2017 at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

This particular award focuses on the partnership that delivers the best project and delivers a superior business and customer service. It also considers how the use of this platform technology enhances capabilities and integrates with other systems.

Multrees’ partnership with Digital Keystone allows our clients to easily access a combination of online services through Multrees Compass, our interactive portal. This utilises Digital Keystone’s Adaptive Portal technology and allows clients to quickly and efficiently view and manage their customer’s assets.

Our fully white labelled portal means that our clients can have their own branded digital portal for their customers. This can be easily accessed through one single sign on, with fully interactive and adaptable dashboards, greatly improving customer digital experience.

Jaco Cebula, Chief Technology Officer at Multrees explains: ‘As the wealth management space becomes more competitive, and pricing pressure and regulatory burdens increase, it becomes imperative that advisory firms are able to share relevant intelligence and personal portfolio performance data with their customers, presenting it in an attractive, highly usable and secure manner. Adaptive Portal is an ideal platform for all financial services operations looking to enable self-service and stimulate customer engagement.’

Farzana Khalil, our Client Solutions Manager, presented at this Compeer event. She spoke about how firms can change threats into opportunities through building a culture of innovation. By touching on the ways that new technologies were initially feared throughout history, Farzana focused on how digital transformation creates exciting opportunities for the wealth management industry.

We attended the PAM Digital Survey & Forum on 21 June. This was the third year of the event, and it explored the increasing impact of digital on the wealth management industry.

This was an extremely interesting evening and well-hosted by one of our partners, Wealth Dynamix (WDX).

The expert panel discussed a wide range of topics, including: client onboarding, innovation, cybersecurity, changing demographics and GDPR.

The research and panel discussion highlighted opportunities for innovative digital solutions within wealth management, as well as ways in which their importance is likely to grow in the future.   

We were delighted to be part of Owen James’s conference, ‘A Meeting of Minds’, which took place on 15 June.  This event brought together top wealth managers to discuss significant developments and key trends in the industry. We sponsored two roundtable sessions that were hosted by our Chief Technology Officer, Jaco Cebula, and Client Solutions Manager, Farzana Khalil.

Their topic was ‘The Digital Revolution in Finance: Productivity and Client Interaction’. This explored the ways that new digital technologies can improve the client experience and increase efficiencies within firms.  The participants looked at ideas to encourage innovation within the workplace in order to generate creativity and differentiate a business from its competitors.

Jaco said: “The popularity of these sessions indicated to us that there is a huge amount of interest in ‘cutting through the noise’ that surrounds the seemingly daunting array of digital technologies being touted as the ‘next big thing’ in wealth management.  As such, our aim with the roundtables was to attempt to make these technologies relevant to real-world business problems.  Additionally, they provided a pragmatic methodology for wealth firms looking to harness digital to achieve productivity and efficiency gains across their end-to-end business. 

“These discussions led us to consider approaches to ‘digital innovation’, including ways in which wealth firms can engage staff to come up with ‘innovation candidates’, and match these to the appropriate digital technology solution. 

Jaco continued: “We then moved on to consider some of the organisational culture issues - in conjunction with our CRM technology partner, Wealth Dynamix (WDX) - that can assist or hamper this process of digital change. An enjoyable and informative event, A Meeting of Minds provided useful insight into emerging industry and customer trends.”


On 18 May, we attended Compeer’s The Front Office of the Future event at Fishmonger’s Hall. The research by Compeer looked at the threats faced by the front office for wealth management firms, such as increasing client expectations and regulatory pressures. We always aim to keep ahead of the challenges faced by wealth management professionals, so that our tailored solutions can add real value to them and their customers.

On 29 March, we were pleased to sponsor Compeer’s WealthTech event at Fishmonger’s Hall, which explored how software suppliers to the wealth management industry have adapted to an environment of constant change.  We were able to demonstrate the range of products and services that we offer, particularly our online portal, Multrees Compass. The delegates also seemed to enjoy the sweets and other goodies that we offered!