Our clients' needs

As a client-centric business, we never forget that our success depends on fulfilling the needs of our clients and their customers.

We recruit the best Relationship Managers and partner their extensive expertise with an in-depth understanding of the range of challenges that wealth managers face.

You will have a dedicated Relationship Manager who spends time gaining a deep understanding of your business. To enhance your client experience, we also provide direct access to our shared service operational teams so that you can speak directly to the relevant operational experts. 

Your Relationship Manager is involved in all stages of our partnership; from implementation, to day-to-day business management. This provides continuity and a single point-of-contact. 


Your Relationship Manager provides:

A deep understanding of your business
Involvement in all stages of your implementation process, to provide continuity and a single point of contact
Complete focus on meeting your needs and supporting your growth plans
A personal and direct-access approach, with no automated telephone services

Global Custody

Our client had already made significant investment in its own portfolio management and reporting architecture. It needed a flexible onshore and offshore custody solution for its family office client. The ability to continue to use its preferred brokers and lending agents was a key requirement.

Our Client Design & Implementation team quickly established a service model that would minimise impact on the client and its customers, and arranged an implementation timeframe centred around a manageable reporting period. We also introduced a more robust end of year tax reporting process which was greatly appreciated. With minimal resource requirement from our client's own business, we were able to arrange a transition and asset transfer within two months of engagement.

“I found everyone more committed, more engaged and more willing to go that extra mile which is exactly what we all want. You have built a great team.”

Investment Administration

Our client, as part of their on-boarding process were looking to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive market and required a flexible solution to highlight the character and strengths of their business to their end customers.

Through a close working relationship, we were able to ensure their specific requirements were fully understood and by utilising our system’s open architecture design, our client was able to bespoke their services, from the customer on-boarding process through to day-to-day customer management, with clever configuration of the Multrees platform toolsets.

Multrees’ service flexibility allowed the client to adopt their own complex view of security classifications and asset class hierarchies, thus enabling a tailored portfolio view which could be used for reporting purposes, portfolio modelling and customer fees and billing.

A major hurdle the client faced was that they operate a multi-custodian model, hence they experienced considerable difficulty in viewing and managing consolidated customer data and portfolios in one centralised location. With Multrees’ variable data consolidation approach, we were able to integrate with their chosen third parties and were also able to store and maintain their recordkeeping positions as required. This enabled a single, centralised view to allow streamlined operational processes and ultimately more efficient client service delivery.

“Multrees aligns with our views of providing excellent client service which allows our relationship to prosper.”

Consolidated Reporting

With a unique investment process and supporting infrastructure, our client required a custody and client reporting solution to enable it to efficiently scale its business.

We successfully integrated consolidated reporting across complex client and account hierarchies, as well as multiple custody agents.

Having extremely large and complex family structures, the key challenge was to configure a service and account structure that would provide the scope of reporting required by a variety of asset owners and specialist advisers.

With the reporting project successfully delivered, our client engaged us to review other areas of its business, including its use of front office toolsets and a related cross-jurisdicictional business.

“Anyone can do the 80%, but Multrees can do the difficult 20% better than anyone.”

Technology Solution

Our client, faced with the twin challenges of a growing customer base, combined with an increasingly ‘digitally aware’ generation, required a modern, flexible, multi-device customer web portal that gives their customers access to view their portfolio on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Our fully customisable and intuitive portal, provides each customer with access to their own portfolio values, security composition, as well as access to historic reports in a single location.

One of the attractions of our offering is the ability to provide a fully white-labelled solution, which is easily tailored to your own branding requirements. This feature, when combined with our skills in content integration and customised application development, allows you to quickly promote your corporate branding and unique character as a digital business to your end customers.

Security is a key component of any robust digital solution, and with the multi-form (password/PIN) sign-on over SSL, the Multrees customer portal protects that most valuable of corporate assets, your customer data.

“We are all impressed by Multrees flexibility and adaptability.”